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My name is Monisha Mitchell. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  I offer individual therapy for individuals 18+. I am accepting new patients (updated 9/16/22).  Immediate, convenient evening and weekend hours are available. Secure teletherapy is available (online) for anyone in the state of Indiana. My office is located in Zionsville, Indiana for in person sessions.

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My Story

I have been a Licensed Therapist for 16+ years and love being a Therapist! I graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelor's of Science then went on to graduate programs where I studied Public Management and Social Work.

I am a Hoosier born and raised but with a diverse twist. I am a bi-racial and adopted into an interracial family from birth. My father is from South Asia. My mother is American. I grew up in a home where diversity was celebrated. I deeply value the diverse experiences we all bring.


I am a mother of three children from ages 30 to 7. I can related to the challenges of parenthood at various stages. I am a Christian. My faith teaches me to love, not judge so I am also LGBTQ+ affirming. I am grateful you are here seeking what we all need to grow and thrive, someone in our corner! If I can be that person for you, please reach out to me in whatever way is most convenient for you!


I look forward to hearing from you...


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